Working hard

It has been a month since my last post. Now my hubby has upgraded our Wireless contract and I am waiting for him outside his work using the WordPress app. Super excited about this

In the past month we have started and finished the garden.  It has taken hours upon hours of work to get this done. Joe decided it would be great to expand. That would be more like double the size of our existing garden. I bought a tiller at an estate sale for $35. We took it to get it repaired and they said it would be $300. We took it home to take it in for scrap. He got determined and poured gasoline in the carburetor.  It started and he tilled the addition. We also spent $30 on a new gas tank for our old mini tiller. On top of this we had to get a battery and starter for the riding mower. Then two tires and a starter for our older car.

I am blessed to have a husband that was able to get like new used tires and aside from the mounting on the rim he was able to put the tires on, change both starters and the battery. This saved a lot or the car and mower would have added labor and towing costs.

We got the garden in, enjoyed going to a Korn, Device and Love and Death show. Now I am planning for a weekend away next month. Much needed. It has been a rough month already. Next update will be on what we planted.


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