Lightbulbs and garden planning part II

So for a couple of years I have been hoarding, er I mean stockpiling regular incadescent light bulbs. Why you may ask? Because I don’t want to wear a hasmat suit in case one of the CFL bulbs breaks. Okay, so that isn’t my only reason.  I simply don’t like flourescent bulbs.  I work under them 8.5 hours a day and I will be dang if I want to see them at home.  The flickering they do gives me a headache.  The fact that they have mercury in them and if they break you need special clean up instructions makes me sick.  How is this any better for the environment? Since I heard that legislation was going to do away with the old incadescent bulbs I have been buying them and storing them.  Yes, I have a good supply and will continue to grab as many as I can until they are done away with completely.  A great example would be today I went to CVS with my extrabucks, CVS red machine coupons and 20% off coupon and got two boxes. It said on the front of the package that the cost of the lightbulb per year was $7 and some odd cents. Really?!?!?!?

Second part of my title garden planning.  I had placed a order with Gurneys because of a coupon.  I have 2lbs potatoes coming to plant, one garlic bulb and strawberry plants and oh yeah red onions.  After I relooked up my order and realized that garlic would hardly due for the canning I am planning on I got another package at Lowe’s and today three more packages at Wal-Mart.  I also got 160 bulbs of green onions that I plan to put in a raised bed.  I am assuming without opening my garlic that I have about 50 cloves to plant.  I am wanting at least 50 more.  I want to can it minced.  My mom also told me that my dad used to plant garlic around his apple trees not to eat or harvest, but to keep the animals away.  So, besides our fence I am going to outline the garden in garlic and onions. 

I have no idea the effect or if this will be good or bad.  Trial and error is what I say.  So I will keep you posted.  In the meantime since it feels like winter here in rural PA I am hiding my garlic and onions in the dark cool closet to keep them kind of in hiding until it warms a bit.  Not to mention we just bought a new monster tiller at an estate sale for $35 that needs some maintenence. 

I am excited to can and learn the tricks of the trade.  Of course, now I need to get a pressure canner…. I have seeds for green beans, wax beans, corn, popcorn, sunflowers (to use as bird feed), zucchini, pickle cucumbers, regular cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and some herbs, watermelon, a midget melon for planting in pots and of course the garlic, onions, potatoes and strawberries.  If the weather breaks we also need to plan our raised beds for the green onions and strawberries. 


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