The elderly trying to live

There are so many people “living” off the system that don’t need to be. I can name a lot of them that I know. It kills me that I go to work all day and pay for them to sit at home without even attempting to get a job. There are people out there who really need help. Namely our elderly.

My parents are 70 and 68. They have been there for me my whole life my mom especially. Even though my dad and I get along like oil and water I respect him as my dad. Nothing makes me happier when I hear the words that he is proud of me come out of his mouth. With that being said I try to give them as much help as I can. Mow their yard, get my mom groceries I stock up on, etc.. I only wish I could do more. Yesterday, my dad learned his days would be cut down at work from 4 to 3 with only about 20 hours a week. He works solely for the insurance supplementation to Medicare. He will still get that. This broke my heart since they struggle so much to pay their bills.

What is wrong with a nation that is treating their elderly like an old worn out shoe? Obamacare is going to push the ill ones into their graves. I sent my mom links to assistance programs in our state and she said they don’t qualify for foodstamps, well they do financially, but they have more than one car and that is considered “too many assets.” Really? This makes me feel so elated that my parents who have worked their whole lives can’t get help, but its okay some druggie can go spend their cash assistance on drugs or sell their foodstamps for them or whatever. It makes me so happy that they go and waste their foodstamps on junk food when my parents struggle to get food sometimes after paying bills. We should take care of our elderly.

However, if our generations keep becoming “entitled” then I don’t think I will have to worry when I become elderly. There will be no one to take care of me.


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