More ways to save

I hope this post helps. Times are tough for so many, myself included. I just spend $280 to get my car fixed (tires, brakes, inspection). It seems like it is getting harder and harder to save. Thank goodness I had some extra saved and it ended up being for this. I wanted to focus this post on ways to save extra to newbies or anyone looking for a way.

-Swagbucks. It is a site where you can searc, print out coupons, etc and earn points called “Swagbucks.” These can be turned in for Amazon e-gift cards and other e-gift cards. Every 450 points is a $5 Amazon e-card. Contact me for a referral link if you want.

-MyPoints. It is a way to shop online and get points, take surveys, earn points for every coupon printed and redeemed, and click on emails to earn points. I usually save my points all year and cash them out in October for a gift card sent in snail mail for Christmas shopping. If you need a referral contact me. is a HUGE resource for local stores, coupons, sale/coupon matchups and lessons for new couponers. I use it all of the time and it is free to register and post your questions.

-Freeflys has free samples you can take advantage of through email. Lots of free samples also end up sending coupons.

-CVS. I have just started experiencing saving with CVS. You can learn a lot from afullcup on this. Be sure to register your prescriptions there. Also apply for their beauty club and get extra care bucks for every $50 spent beauty and health wise.

-Ebay. If you have good items you no longer want, sell them on Ebay. Best way is through a paypal account. I have been using Ebay to sell stuff for 10 years as an extra source of income.

-Etsy. Etsy you can sell handcrafted, vintage and craft supplies. I have just opened my own “store” on there and am trying it out. Will let you know how that goes.

-Coupons, coupons,coupons. match with sales and get as much as you can. Stockpile extras whereever you can for tough times. This has helped us through unemployment. Read my other posts for ideas on where to store stuff.

I hope this helps some. I have gotten inspiration from readers to keep posting and I will continue to do so! Helping one or two means I have completed what I came here to do. Many blessings to all!


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