A new weird fibro symptom

One thing I learn from fibromyalgia, or more like what fibromyalgia teaches me is new weird symptoms. Although I have had this for almost 16 years now, I apparently am having and finding new symptoms. A great example of this was last week I had a weird pain around my belly button. Felt like a pinching to the left of my belly button. It went away. I don’t know what caused it, but it bothered me.

Last Friday we had some snow. On my way to taking my husband to work before going to work myself I trecked through the snow to get us there. when I started up the giant hill where he works I found I couldn’t get up the hill in my newer Kia. When I hit the gas hard, it would spin, I would go sideways and when a Chevy Cavalier passed me (which I also own) it pushed me over the edge. I said various curse words. I pulled in the parking lot of a Barnes & Noble about halfway up the hill to my husband’s work. I put my Kia in park and was PO’d to say the least. I got out of my Kia shaking and upset and looked at my tires and found they were in horrible shape. Hence, why I could not get up the hill any further. My husband walked to work. I went to work mad. Mad at myself for letting him walk. Afraid he would get hit by a car. Mad because I couldn’t get him there. Just MAD. I cried. My friend came to talk to me and I busted out crying over it. I was shaking. I was mad. I was upset. I was emotional basketcase.

The rest of the work morning waiting on my performance eval I spent mad, upset and shaking. I shook the rest of the day everytime I tried to do something my hands and arms were shaking horribly. The whole next day everytime I tried to do something with my hands they were shaking. Trying to look at a newspaper my arms were shaking. I never had this happen, but I attribute it to the fibromyalgia and nerves. It was better the next day. I will never be amazed at the symptoms a person has dealing with fibromyalgia. In fact, I am thinking of writing a book about it to help others, but am not so sure. I know how people feel alone and helpless with dealing with something that is not a visible disease. We will get through this….


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