Spending freeze/stockpile update

I had good intentions of going this week and putting a 7.0 cubic chest freezer on layaway at Kmart.  Well you know what they say of good intentions…. Anyhow, my Kia’s wheel has been making a funny noise and is getting worse. It is due for inspection.  Also after the fiasco of not being able to go up a hill in snow to take my husband to work because the tires were too bad means I fear what I am going to pay to get it fixed.  I also think the brakes are bad.  My husband will usually change these but since it is January and 15 degrees out I don’t know why he don’t want to at this time…hmm.

So in good news I got about $500 worth of groceries for $150 between a couple stores including my biggest haul ever of 139 items at Kroger for $78.xx. saving $218.xx. we did go out to eat last night first time in 2 weeks to Cici;s but I had a coupon for that even!

-I bought a Aeropostale hoodie at a thrift store for $0.50.

– I bought groceries and the sunday papers.

– I sent in my order for  my seeds for the garden.

that is about it really. Trying really hard to save.  In my groceries I did add more to the stockpile of stuff by getting more handsoap, shampoo, 6 packs of free razors for hubby on clearance, toothpaste, Hefty storage bags, mustard.

I have been doing pretty good until like I said my hubby takes the car in Wed.  Really wanting to get that freezer though……


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