No more MSG for me

Well at least no more MSG for me in seasonings.  I was searching through my spice cabinet yesterday searching for ingredients that I had on hand to make my homemade spices that I had listed in a previous post.  While I found enough spices to make homemade hamburger spice or what I call “I will use on everything” spice, I found some Memphis seasoning and “season all” in the cupboard.  Besides how I find it funny that there is a ingredient in them that is supposed to make them “Free flowing” and not stick together, they always stick together.  My homemade taco seasoning I have had for a couple months does not.  Go figure. Anyhow, I looked at the ingredients and found yellow #whatever and red #whatever along with MSG.

ICK! I thought.  Forget about it…thought he red dye, the yellow dye and stuff to make it non-sticky isn’t enough there is MSG right on the ugly label.  Now mind you I can read the ingredient list, pick out the regular spices and put them in my own air tight jar and get my own spices without the extra b.s., which is exactly what I intend to do! I can buy most seasonings at Wal-Mart (GAGS) really cheap that have just the spice and then I go to Aldi’s and get others for cheap.  At least I know where another one of my foods come from!


2 thoughts on “No more MSG for me

  1. We have a local restaraunt supply store around here that sells spices in pint and quart plastic food containers. A quart of bay leaves is about $1.10. A quart of oregano is about $2.50. Heavier spices like curry powder might run $2-$3 a pint.

    I wonder if you might be able to find a store like that!

    • Actually there is a farmer’s market store about an hour and a half away. we go to the area a few times a year and they sell spices like that. I am going to go down there the end of the month and check out what all is available. Thank you for the idea. I will look for a place like that closer to home!

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