Off Cymbalta and spending freeze update

Yes two posts for the price of one…First, the spending freeze.  Well, that went over like a lead balloon.  First off, I was sick with bronchitis.  I had the original doctors appointment scheduled to get off of the Cymbalta.  I ended up getting something for bronchitis, off Cymbalta and an antibiotic for my sinus infection.  There went medicine copays.  Later that week my bronchitis got worse.  The Tesslon Pearls and antibiotic wasn’t helping and my chest was hurting and tight.  Breathing was hard.  I went to an urgent care and got a breathing treatment, chest x-ray and prescription for an inhaler.  There went more money for the copay and inhaler.  Also did grocery shopping, stocked up on some extras at CVS and now I have about nothing left over to save from the paycheck.  There also while I was sick and still went to work everyday except for one, money for a quick meal in the evening.  Meaning I went to the store and got simple stuff and threw in the oven instead of cooking what I had.  Just couldn’t do it.  Very frustrating, but I try not to be too hard on myself for the CVS trip because I am trying to get extra stuff to store.  I am not sure where we are headed financially as a country so I am trying to get extras for tougher times. So no spending freeze for me.  I did get some free samples in the mail and sold some stuff on Ebay.  I forget about that $$$ or try to until needed.

Second off the Cymbalta.  YAY.  I got to switch straight over back to my Zoloft although I got a long lecture about possibility of weight gain and how I was considered obese (by being 6 pounds on the obese side) blah blah blah. I tried to explain I have been up and down all my life and at least I didnt weigh the 220+ I did in high school.

Anyhow, with the Zoloft I am back to my bouncy, not ready to pull my hair out, crawl out of my skin self.  My head don’t feel as fuzzy.  I don’t seem to have memory lapses like I was.  However, the aching from fibromyalgia is more now than on the Cymbalta and even though I am hurting I will take it compared to the nasty side effects of that medicine. I have lived with pain at a younger age and for so long that I don’t complain to anyone hardly because no one used to believe me. Because of that I deal with my pain a lot of time in silence.  Those are my updates so far!!


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