CVS Shopping

I am rather new to CVS shopping and didn’t think it would be really worth the initial investment.  A friend of mine does CVS shopping and was telling me how much she saved.  I thought weird someone on a strict budget would shop there, but I decided to try it for myself.  Great now I am hooked.  Especially when I got over $100 worth of stuff for like $22.  Here was my latest trips with tips to saving with CVS.

CVS couponing:
-CVS will take internet coupons, manufacturer coupons and you and stack your cvs coupons from red machine with manufacturer coupons and get even more savings. You can also use % off and $ off CVS emailed coupons and ECBs all of these at the same time.  You can also go onto your account online and print coupons like $1.50/$5 hair care, etc if available.
First of course you need a CVS Card.  If you have one go to their website and register for all of their email offerings weekly, specials, blah blah.  The more often you shop there, the more likely you are to get one of their weekly coupons they usually send out on Thursday.  Week before last no one got one, but the two weeks before and this past thursday I have got one.
Next of course TRY to plan your trip.  When you walk in CVS scan your card at the red machine and get coupons to print out.  Then scan it again and see if you get anymore to print out.  Always do this.  Though this may change your gameplan a bit or help it!
Here is my trips from last Friday and Saturday broken down in detail.
Trip#1 (big trip)
2 Nectresse 40ct on sale for $3.00 each (part of a buy $30 participating products get back $10 extra care bucks (ECB) to use on next trip)
2 Tresemme shampoos on sale for $3.34 each (sale 3/$10) participating product of same deal.. looked for ones with Peelies for the qs
4 Covergirl Outlast lipsticks.  These were on their clearance.  When I Scanned them at the red machine they were $2.70.
1 Nice and Easy Clairol sale $5.99
1 KY Yours & Mine datenight pack.  On sale for $20.99.  Part of  buy $30 get $10ECB.  This also had a $25 gift card code which I redeemed online for a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant.  Was worth it for that!
1 Listerine $3.99
3 Simple face cleanser products (Buy $15.00 of Simple products and get $5.00 ECB back, plus on sale for $2.00 each)
2 Nivea body lotions $7.99 each (regularly priced, but buy 2 get back $6.00 ECB)
1 Clear men;s shampoo (had a $3.00 Peelie on it)
Okay Here comes the scary check out part.  I say scary because the *(#@ total was $101 before Qs
I handed the coupons as this CVS % off q (or $ off if I had one), then CVS Red machine coupons, then manufacturer coupons, then ECB.
Coupons I used:
-20% off original priced items.  In this case the Nivea was original price so got them 20% off and the Clear shampoo
-CVS red machine coupons for $4.00/1 Mens Clear shampoo, $2.50/$12.00 hair care products, $2.00/1 Listerine
Manufacturer coupons;
$2.00/1 Nivea (used 2)
$1.50/1 Nectresse (used 2)
$1.75/1 Tresemme peelie (2)
$3.00/2 Covergirl products (used 2)
$1.00/1 Clairol
$5.00/1 KY Yours & Mine (also printed a $10 mail in rebate for this off the net so I have to send that in to get a $10 check so it was like getting it for $10 plus the bonus $25 gift card for dinner!)
$2.00/1 Listerine (Printable) Listerine was FREE
$2.00/1 Simple face cleanser (used 3) (so I paid $15.00 minus $6.00 coupons and will get $5.00 back would be like paying $4.00 for 3)
$2.00/1 Nivea (used 2 coupons) (20% off each made them $6.39 then $2.00/1 = $4.39 each =$8.78 for both and get back $6.00)
$3.00/1 Clear mens shampoo peelie made this item FREE
Total OOP was $35.81 not including tax then I got back $6.00 and $5.00 ECB that print out on receipt. total saved $108.82 I checked the bottom and found out I was freaking $3.01 away from my $30 reward I was going for (turns out I thought the Tresemme was for it but was for another $30 reward).  I went to the car and got and decided to get my $10 so trip 2 was simple
1 Loreal mascara (filler, I didnt need it but had a q and on clearance). $4.75 (was 50% off)
1 Lubriderm (participating item) $6.99
I used $2.00/1 Lubriderm
$3.00/1 Loreal face product
$5.00 Extra care bucks I had got in last transaction
Paid $1.74 before tax and got back $10 ECB  (saved $15.74)
Last Saturday while picking up my inhaler for the bronchitis I got I went for my other trip to get my CVS Cashcard (I needed to spend $25 to get it.  I had $4.78 toward it from the Tresemme).  A CVS Cashcard is a CVS gift card.  So here we go.
2 All laundry detergent $4.00 each
5 Finish dishwasher tabs $4.00 each (I am determined to get a dishwasher now)
Total was $29.xx (xx=unknown amount of change)
I used
$2.00/2 All
$2.15/1 Finish (used 5 of these)
$6.00 ECB from the day before
total OOP was $9.25 before tax and I got a $10 CVS gift card in return.
So for my next trip I got $10 ecb left and a $10 cash card
Hope this helps.  Look to for listings of next weeks ads.

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