Spending freeze update

Well since I am sitting up tired as heck with the bronchitis I can’t sleep.  Over the last week I have had the sinus infection and now on top of it bronchitis I have been spending a lot of quality time with my couch.  The way I am feeling the Christmas decorations can stay up until July! Update on my spending freeze/cutback since the beginning of the year.

-Spent $12 at Bath & Body Works at their semi annual 75% sale.

-Went out to dinner with a BFF who I only get to see a few times.  Spent $11 on dinner and $7.50 on movie.

– Had to spend $20 extra on antibiotic and bronchitis medicine.

-Spent $4.92 today on a family pack sale of fresh ground hamburger.  Separated and froze this in four packages to get four meals out of.  Super deal!

Freebies I have gotten so far over the last week: Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes, Stayfree, a free CVS trip of P&G items Charmin, Bounty, Pantene, Dawn.

I also sold some things on Ebay over the last week which will definitely help out!

Next pay probably will not be as good because I have to get my car inspected, buy the registration and also send in my seed catalog order which actually will save me $25.  Overall not too bad!


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