Merry CHRISTmas

Yesterday I was in between cleaning and trying to find something on TV when I found the BBC version of The Nativity released in 2010 playing on BBC America. I caught it in the middle of it and though it was a little different than others the last half hour of it i spent most crying.

I cried when in this version the angel came to Thomas and the other shepards and said that this child is not born for kings but for people like you.  That the meek shall inherit the Earth. That hit a spot with me.  It made me think of and reinforced that I know I struggle and I question why we struggle so much but that it is part of the path that I must journey on. This is not my heaven.  This place will be some people’s only heaven and I truely feel sorry for what they will face.

I ask God why we have to struggle so much with finances, with things not going right, things breaking down, etc. I understand and I don’t.  I feel sometimes like I do everything I do for nothing at all, but I keep pushing myself.

During this time of year I don’t take anything for granted and I remember the true reason for the season is the birth of Christ and him coming into the world to die for my sins.  If I didn’t believe this to be so I wouldn’t have it tattooed “forgiven…Forever with God” on my back to symbolize my belief that I am saved. Remember the true reason for the season.  Merry CHRISTmas to all and to all a good night.


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