New Year’s and New Resolutions

I have been thinking about what I want from the coming new year.  I don’t do resolutions really. I believe they are something that is usually short-lived from myself included.  This year I have actually got a list of not so much resolutions, but things I would like to accomplish in the new year.  Here it goes:

1. I want to get a handgun that is small enough to be carried in my purse. With this I want to get my carry permit.  I already carry a taser that is high wattage, but of course is only good close up.

2. I want to invest in a small chest freezer.  My grandma’s freezer works, but produces this bad smell that penetrates the food even when wrapped in bags.  I am wanting a small chest freezer to store more meat and frozen items.

3. I want to expand our garden.  My husband I both do.  With the freezer we could expand and freeze a lot of veggies.  This could cut down on food bills for winter when we could use those veggies for soups and dinner

4. I want to get meat locally.  I want to get meat from a local market and have a freezer to store it in.  I would like my husband to get a hunting license next year.  Maybe even me.  If I looked at the deer as food I could probably kill it, otherwise I love animals too much.  I want to know what my meat was fed and this buying whole locally would be cheaper than buying natural in the stores.

5.  Weight loss.  My doctor changed my anxiety medicine last June to a anxiety/fibromyalgia medicine Cymbalta because she said I was classified as “obese”.  I am 5’6, weigh under 200 and am just above the obesity category for my height and weight.  I am thinking I cant take the meds.  I have tried but I am ending up with a lot of bad side effects and no weight loss.  I do want to lose more weight but I am happy now that I wear a size (yes am putting it out there) 16/17. I used to in high school wear a 22/24 soooo….I am thrilled being able to shop in regular sizes and juniors.  I want to eat more healthy. I wish I could get off the meds, but I tried.  I can’t.  I have panic attacks.

6. Working out more.  I use my Kinect and several fitness trainers.  I don’t have money at all for exercise classes and this is free.  My husband got me two games for Chrismtas.  I had one. All fitness related. They kick my butt.  I also have the woods to walk in when it gets nice. I lost several inches last winter this way.

7. Canning.  I want to learn how to can.  I remember helping my grandma as a child.  I have invested some into getting canning stuff at auctions.  I got my juicer, bath water canner, and other stuff.  I am excited and hope we have weather similar to last year to produce a great crop of tomatos.

8. I want to eat less gluten containing products.  I want to find a way basically to eat gluten type products, but without the GMO factor in wheat and corn products.

9. I am going to work to save more, spend less and get the things to update our home. My car will be paid off in 33 payments.  My truck will probably die by then. I will need to save for another one.  A truck is a must for us between wood and my extra jobs hauling stuff.  My husband needs a used car. I need a new stovetop and oven.  Ours is both 50 years old literally and were original my grandma put in the house.  My stovetop only has two burners that work. On the backburner is a lot of other updates “I would like”. Like new countertops, etc.  A friend volunteered to help me and I may take her up in trying some of the stuff myself.

10. Pave our driveway ourselves.  we have a black top driveway and it is cracked and needs redone.  This cost I am sure almost $1000 professionally.  I am thinking hopefully by next fall to do this ourselves depending on what happens.

I am sure I have more, but this is the top 10 I can think of now.  What are you going to change?


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