Tragedy makes for political stand

Today a tragedy happened.  I can’t even fathom it.  It happend this morning and I saw it unfold online while I was at work.  A coworker and me talked about it and came to a conclusion about today’s youth….a lot of them do not have the coping skills to handle certain situations and when they are faced with adversity they go ape s****. They are brought up without hearing the word “no”, without having structure, without adversity, with getting things handed to them.

I personally don’t know what was going through this fruitball’s mind this a.m. when he decided ‘hey I should go take out my frustrations on my mom and her former/current employer.’ You can use mental health as an excuse, but really what a lot of the youth of today’s problems are is poor coping skills, never hearing no and no respect for humans or life at all.  You can hate this all you want, but it is true.  I don’t want to hear about gun control.  A crazy will get a weapon.  Look at China.  A fruitball went in wielding a knife and cut up students.  Sure no died, but they will be scarred.  A person with a carry permit could have stopped it real fast. These situations make me more uneasy than I am.  I want to save up $$$ and get my carry permit and the gun I want.

What happened today is the poorest excuse for a human I can see. This person was a monster.  Not a human.  There has to be a special place for him in hell.  I can’t wrap my head around what happened.  I read what happened and called my mom to tell her about it.  I told her, at 31, I don’t understand what provokes these 20 year olds to go bat crazy.  I was raised with respect, discipline, the word no from a young age, structure, coping skills, etc….  I didn’t flip out when I heard no.  My dad had a gun beside the bed in a dresser box.  Did I touch it? NO.  I knew better or I would get my butt handed to me.  My grandmother had a gun propped up in the corner of a spare room.  She taught me how to use it, though I didn’t remember when I got older, but learned.  I knew better than to lay a finger on that firearm.  I NEVER ever thought about touching a gun, ever.  I knew better and I never did.  Last year was the first year I shot a gun for protection factor and I am glad I did.

Kids today are too soft.  I am sorry. I know I don’t have kids, but face it.  Look at society.  Look in the past week a 20+ year old kills people at a mall, today at a school and in the summer at a movie theater.  You can use mental illness all you want, but let’s face it. I worked in mental health for 6 years and you can only give them their meds while they are an inpatient.  When they feel they are stable and quit tney think they are okay but are not.  There is no excuse.  I don’t want to hear about it. The jails are overpopulated with people who have mental illnesses.  State hospitals are shut down and people will only take their meds to be stable while you have them inpatient, afterwards they feel they are fine and quit taking them.  They are ticking time bombs.

I don’t want to hear about how a person should have their weapons banned.  If this school would be like our local schools and have metal detectors or have armed guards he would not have got past the office.  Everyone jumps to gun control and it makes me ill.  This makes my first priority for the New Year a pistor and my carry permit to protect me from nutballs like this when I am out and about and maybe, just maybe, help protect my fellow man.

If I would disrespect my elders at 2 or 32 I would fear I would get my block knocked off and be chewing my own butt with my missing teeth.  Some kids today have no respect…no care…no morals…no values and need to read Doug Giles and save themselves.  I don’t know that is going on in this country, but know I highly doubt it is going to get any better, unless people’s standards change.  Morals need to change.  parents being their kids BFF need to change.  You are not their BFF you are their elder, mentor, etc….Teach them.  Teach them morals.  Teach them right from wrong.  Teach them common sense.  Teach them to deal with adversity and teach them the value of a fellow human being.  Goodnight and good luck.


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