Food supply and GMOs

Within the last year I have just started getting interested in gardening more. One of the reasons is to know how my food is made, where it comes from and what was used on it.  Back to basics.

I have wondered for years if the hormones they give cows and other meat sources that make them grow faster and bigger would have to be consumed by the human that eats these.  What do hormones do? Make things grow… Is this one component to why I see so many overweight and obese people? Or so many with fat around just thier mid sections (and trust me I am one of them).  I know we indulge and eat more than we should, but what about the chemicals (half of which can’t be pronounced) that are on our food labels.  Why is the FDA so all right with letting us be in my thoughts “poisoned” with this crap.  Could this also be why cancer rates are so high? These are logical questions in my eyes.

Another logical question to me is something I just really read about the other day. I ordered a seed catalog from  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I read an article in thier catalog that came the other day about GMOs and how now they are talking of using a chemical that is used in Agent Orange in our food supply.  Um, no thank you.  Then I thought more and more.  Wait working in a practice that has a GI doctor, I am seeing a lot of people with celiac disease.  Is this possibly an outcome of the GMO products? I never heard of celiac disease until 3 years ago.  Here is an article about GMO

I now know I am going to put in a garden and can as much as I can not only for cost effectiveness, but so I know where my food comes from.  I will not buy hybrid plants or seeds and only heirloom seeds.  I will save the seeds from some produce for the next year.  I will also look into local farms and meat sources.  This is going to be a challenge.  Now I am not saying I am going to cut out everything that is processed, but a good deal or at least attempt it.  Thoughts?



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