Arts and my dream

When I was in high school I started out wanting to major in psychology to see what make people’s minds tick.  Eh, I then decided to go for art and maybe a minor in psychology. It still facinates me why people are the way they are, what makes their thinking logic, blah, blah, blah.  Too many episodes of NCIS I guess.  Anyhow…

I decided I wanted to major in art, animation to be exact.  My dream was to work as an animator on Disney movies.  I applied to too many colleges to name when I was a senior.  All over the east coast and even in Canada.  I went to one for an orientation and they told me that I needed to learn how to draw, go back to basics of drawing an apple.  I went for orientation at Slipper Rock University, they didn’t have the program I wanted. I ended up going to Penn State Fayette campus.  I learned many things when it came to art techniques there.  My second year of college I transferred to West Virginia University where I learned jack and failed some of my classes.  It was a waste of money that is still being paid on.  They didn’t care how I did. It was a large class size unlike Penn State Fayette’s small class size.  I was a number at WVU for identity and I learned quickly they seemed to focus on thier sports program more than their academics.

I took a year off in 2001 from college and it is a flipping good thing I did.  Three major events happened within two weeks of my life in 2001. I would have probably failed miserably or dropped out within the first semester after that.   I did go back to college and graduate with a medical office technology degree. I thought my drawing was pretty good, but to most I guess it could leave something to be desired.  I have always been interested in crafts, drawing etc.  Still am.

I have been painting and going to tole painting classes, drawing, blah blah since leaving college.  I did go back to college and graduate with a medical office technology degree.  So I decided last year after going to a craft show that I would try making some things I saw, coming up with my own ideas and flare and here is one ideaImage

I worked last winter and started in the summer applying to local craft shows.  I don’t know if my stuff would be good enough to sell, but after saying that to my mom she replied “You will never know unless you try” so I sucked it up and paid $60 I didn’t have to try this craft show that is coming up this week.  I have been busting my butt trying to make stuff and have eight boxes so far to show for it.  My husband is off on this Thursday and is going to help me set up for the two day extravaganza.

I am nervous, I don’t know if my stuff will be good enough, if I will make my money back etc…. This is a dream of mine.  My real dream is to open an antique/craft store that sells both and manage it.  Only would ever happen if I hit the lottery.  In the meantime, I guess I will experiment and see where my dreams take me.


If this goes good I might try more shows next year.  We will see.  Wish Me luck.


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