Jumping over the fiscal cliff and the sponging of America

Yes, this is going to be me going on a political rant so if you aren’t into hearing political rants, will be offended easily, or don’t believe in the first amendment, please stop reading here. You have been warned.

I am fearing what will happen when the tax cuts that were established back when the first President Bush was in office will expire and we all dive unwillingly over a fiscal cliff and are given tax hikes no matter what “class” you are in.  Not to mention the Obamacare 5% tax hike that oh, remember our POTUS said would not be a tax increase.  I hope Americans have their parachutes handy and ready because I don’t believe that Mr. Obama will come to an agreement nor will democrats or republicans in time and we will all have more of our income stolen away from us.  I have read people’s’ comments online saying they would not mind paying the extra taxes if it would help with the National Debt.  Are you kidding me? We are never going to pay off the National Debt we have if our government is spending more than it has.  Of course, I guess we could get the lucky and the Mayans be right and the world ends on December 21st.

What this country needs is the following:

1. Back to basics.  Back to that document thingy that was signed 200+ years ago called a Constitution.  If you don’t know details of it…go read a copy.

2. Politicians are supposed to be elected to serve the people.  Let them actually try this.  A great example would be them not excluding themselves from Obamacare.  You want to pass it.  You get to have it.  Listen to the citizens.  54% of Americans don’t want government-run healthcare.  Canadians and UK members flock here for healthcare because of their own government-run care. Go figure.  I agree insurance needs an overhaul, but so does our government.

3. Lose the Sponges.  Yes we are a country with a great deal of lazy people thinking that the government owes them something, AKA to me Sponges.  I don’t mind people who are in need getting help and I mean in NEED.  Poor, Sick, children, single mother’s who work part-time to get money, elderly getting help.  I am not talking about some Sponge who either stays at home doing drugs all day and uses that as an excuse to get disability and live off of me.  Mandatory drug testing for welfare.  If I have to do it to get a job, you have to do it to get paid government funds.  If they fail, adios…. no government assistance for you.  This would cut down on people who use government aid.  You want money, earn it, the right way.

4. Suck it up.  We have a first amendment.  Freedom of speech.  If my nativity offends you, I don’t care.  If my yard sign offends you that says “Stop the War on Coal: Fire Obama” Don’t care.  I am tired every holiday of hearing this place has a nativity up and some atheist is offended.  Why is it I am not offended for you not believing in a God I know you will someday meet.  Life is not fair, grab a helmet.

5. Become self-sufficient.  Quit relying on others too much.  What I mean by this is don’t rely on a government who can’t even run a postal system right to come help you when a disaster arrives.  Have an emergency supply of water, food, alternative heat sources, batteries, back up lighting candles, lanterns, oil lamps. Get a charcoal or gas grill for an alternative food heating source.  When we was without electric for a freaking week in 2010 with Snowmaggedon I would have given a kidney for one to cook on.  But we have one now.  If a natural disaster comes (or God is trying to wake this land up) don’t sit back whining and crying where is my free food, shelter, clothing? Where is FEMA (Federal Emergency help Missing in Action)? Do you remember POTUS was too busy out in Vegas playing slots while Sandy victims were in need.  Do you think during the first years from England the first people to arrive here was waiting on help from England?

6. Become independent.  My mom pushed me as an only child to become as independent as possible.  What she and my dad now has a mouth 31-year-old child not afraid to speak her mind, oops.  Learn new skills.  Learn how to sew.  Learn how to can (a big one I am going to learn because of inflation, knowing where my food comes from and stockpile).  Learn how to do some of your own car maintenance.  Hey I can change a tire, spark plugs, have helped my husband put on a belt to my truck and I could probably do brakes if I watched.

7. Be prepared.  I am not talking Doomsday Preppers though I have learned some things from them, most of them I think are extreme and if the “S*** hits the fan” like a lot of them talks about I am hoping God just takes me out and brings me home instead of suffering and worrying about radiation for the next 50 years.  I could go on a whole separate rant as to why a nuclear bomb shelter, no daylight, would not be worth living.  Look at Chernobyl almost 30 years later.  no one can still enter the place without suits and not for that long.

8. People can use the word “NO” and get away with it.  You can tell your kid no.  You can tell coworkers no.  you can say no and it will be okay.  You don’t have to give in to everything.  I see so many parents with their whiny kids giving in to their tantrums (I would have had reason to have a tantrum). Then I swear when they are a teenager and hear no for the first time is when they go postal and end up on the 6 o’clock news, but that is me.

9. Bring back more mental hospitals and long-term living facilities for mentally ill people.  Listen, I worked in mental health for 6 years.  Here is what happens to seriously mentally ill people since they have closed most state-run hospitals. They are sent to the ER at a hospital, hospitalized in a psych ward for a while, sometimes sent to a step down facility until they get stable then are released back home.  Congrats.. Here is your problem, most severely mentally ill people (and I am talking ones that cannot function) will stop taking their meds because they feel better and the cycle repeats or they do something and are sent to jail.  Yeah, that has nothing really to do with the government, but it irks me.

I think that is all of my rant and rave today, but please join me, not in harmony, as we take this dive over the fiscal cliff and have more money taken away from us by a government that will not listen to its people and is not interested in our best interests as a nation in whole.  Look for higher prices in everything (that we have been seeing), more job loss, and less spending.  Hold on people…hold on.


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