How to make the most of a small house.

I started writing this post oh, about a week ago.  This year in general has been rough.  The last few months especially.  I have been upset with trying to make ends meet and stressors that I saved it as a draft.  To begin, I live in my grandmother’s house.  They build it in 1960.  It is less than 1500 square feet, but thankfully when they custom designed it, it had a lot of closets. I also decided on a way to maximize closet space.  Since I coupon and stockpile for hard times, I have come to use these closets in any way possible.  A great example would be when we had a stockpile of toilet paper it went in my hubby’s clothes closet.  Here is a picture of our bathroom closet stockpile:

The top half of the closet below

When I moved into the house this closet only had the hooks and the top shelf.  When I started getting stuff to stock up on I asked my hubby to do the shelf in the middle out of plywood and some support brackets.  As time passed on I realized the bottom was really wasted space and said at the auctions I go to I would be looking for a small shelving unit to put TP or paper towels on.  Over the weekend at an auction I found that shelving unit full of cleaning supplies with another cupboard to match full of cleaning supplies for around $5.00.  SCORE!

Hubby thankfully carried the shelf upstairs and this morning when I got up I organized everything.  This has doubled or more the size and space of the closet and made it hold almost all of out health and beauty items.  Of course some HBA items are downstairs in the basement cabinets.  I have stocked up on enough bathwash and razors and shaving gel that neither one of us need any for a very long, long time.

I got for $5.00 two cupboards that are against the wall in the garage/basement.  They are about 6 feet tall and in pretty good shape.  There are many doors and shelves in them and the overflow of canned food, HBA, lightbulbs (regular because I hate the fluorescent light and CFL), cleaning supplies, baggies.  Also I got two metal shelving units at an auction.  They are worn and have some rust.  These are the gray metal ones that usually cost about $70 each. I got them both for around $12.  I had got another one for $10 at another auction.  One holds our gas and kerosene cans.  The other two, one is going to be for gardening stuff according to hubby and the other we are not sure.  These are handy for anything really.

For the kitchen cabinets,  I have noticed that if you spend a bit for the cupboard can organizer that looks like mini steps it really does make it is easier to see all of the cans that you have because of how they are stacked.

Another great idea is of course under the bed storage if you can’t find anything else.  To make my closet seem like it has more storage options I keep a lot of shoes in their boxes up on the top shelf. Since the closets are deep I store stuff I don’t get to that often in the back behind the shoes.  I got a sweater hanger that I put my hoodies in (canvas organizer).  We also doubled closet space because of Bed Bath and Beyond with the hanger for pants that hangs in your closet.  For slip on shoes I got a two drawer plastic case on wheels and also my hubby’s old VHS/DVD rack made of wood has doubled as a boot storage place in the closet.

I do need to find a better way to store stuff especially cans of food if there is an emergency.I also want to invest in better under the sink storage.  For my birthday my mom got me the swivel store for my spices.  While it is great for smaller spices the bigger ones will not fit.  How do you store things?


4 thoughts on “How to make the most of a small house.

  1. I cannot express to you how much of an inspiration you have become to me. Being almost 25 now, diagnosed with fibro at an early age still having to this day people that dont understand, or do not believe, having severe ptsd & depression along with a bad addiction to cutting due to innocence being stolen from me for 16 years of my life, now trying to fight breast cancer, & dealing with RA & Avascular Necrosis related to the fibro and the RA obviously very limited income & recently getting into coupons & overstocking, as I read through your blogs, not only do I feel close to you just reading this & like its a mirror of alot of my life but also many ideas to improve my life, you have already helped me more than you know, & I still have alot more reading to do. I want to thank you, but know I could never thank you enough, & please keep blogging as I look forward to reading! I printed out your “bullying” blog (hope you dont mind) to give to my sister going through severe bullying & torment, as things you explained, are words I could never find while trying to express to her how she can get through this, as I noticed the fibro fog, tends to be hard when I am trying to get the words off the tip of my tongue & out of my mouth when I am overwhelmed in pain in my hurt seeing my sister feeling so much pain, your blog on that can help me get to her so much of what I want to say to her during those heartaching times of wiping her tears that I cant get out myself. So I had to print it, hoping you dont mind, so I can give it to her tomo after picking her up from school so she doesnt have to be tormented the bus ride home. Thank you, so much. Im sorry for what you go through, noone TRULY gets it unless they LIVE it & Id wish that upon noone, not even my worst enemy. Thanks for your support~just writing all this, helps me immensely~ Jessica Kathran

      • Hello! Sorry it took me a while to respond, been feelingn under the weather due to the recent weather 😦 i for some reason unfortunately did not get your email, you emailed right? If you would like to try and send it again thats completely ok or you can respond here, whatevers easiest for you. 🙂 i read your two new posts and love the extra savings ideas!!!! If you could send me those two links you talked about please do!!!! You are such a true inspiration. Sorry you are still finding new odd symptoms, i definately know how you feel, the pain you were saying in your belly button i get out of nowhere in various spots of the body, they do feel kind of pinch like but more so like a bee sting for me with that annoying sharp type feeling like being pricked with a needle & lately my tongue has been hurting so bad when i try to chew food its almost impossible especially foods like steak and meats, its like within a couple chews of the food it feels like i way overworked the muscles in my tongue and it gets really tiring chewing but my tongue goes into horrible cramps kinda like a pulled muscle, its hard to explain but its awful. Have you ever had anything like that? Talk to you soon!!! Positive vibes and gentle hugs sent your way!!!!

      • Jessica, Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. I have been trying to rest my hand as much as possible. My carpal tunnel is flared and I work all day on the computer!!. Thank you though so much for writing to me and giving me inspiration to continue a blog. It really means a lot. I am sorry for all that you are going through but hopefully we can support each other. How is your sister? DId she find the post on bullying helpful? It is hard but tell her those people that hurt her wont matter when she is older and that she has a whole life ahead of her.

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