Why I hate winter and fibro flares

There seems to be a hundred reasons why I hate winter.  Mainly the cold.  Then there is the lack of sun here in Sticksylvania, the most cloudy days.  Also the short days. The cold weather.  The snow.  The ice.  The heating costs.  The not being able to come home and enjoy spending the evening outside.  The cold (yes, I realize I have typed that before).  I would be fine with 60 degrees all winter and only snow for Christmas.  My other reason for hating the cold is the pain from the fibromyalgia.

Yesterday I went to an auction as I usually do a lot of Saturdays.  Also known as an estate sale, I go there to get goods to resell or things we can use. As a second and third job I buy and sell stuff on Ebay year round and in the summer at flea markets.  It doesn’t make a lot of money, but the extra helps.  Anyhow, part of the auction was indoors, part was out.  When we went outside I felt fine until I stood out there for almost an hour and started shivering.  My back started to cramp and when I was done being outside and went back into the warmth my whole right side started to hurt from my shoulders down to my toes.  I was so miserable I decided to leave the auction earlier than I had anticipated.  UGH.  I said great here comes the pain back. Today I woke up still aching across my shoulders and down my right arm.  I also woke up with a horrible sinus headache so I have been pretty much worthless on doing anything the whole day.

In the summer months I feel relatively good with the fibro.  Unless I am over doing it I dont feel too bad.  I have more energy.  Today I was in slow motion all day.  The weather change is already hitting me this hard and actual winter hasn’t even hit yet. Along with my pain today my husband spilled kerosene on his shoes and I gave him Febreeze to try to get the smell out.  Another wonderful symptom that comes with fibromyalgia is hypersensitivity to scents.  Well the Febreeze almost sent me over the edge.Especially since he thought he was doing good and got spray happy all over the furniture. WIth me feeling like crud anyhow, the smell of the couch about made me gag.  I can’t stand a lot of strong smells.  I smell stuff a lot stronger sometimes then I think I should and the smells make me nauseous.  I don’t know how dogs do it without wanting to sport a clothespin over their snout!

Of course with the stress of finances, holidays, work and every day things it might have also contributed to some of the pain and upcoming things might have just sent me spiraling into a fibro flare. A fibro flare for me is total pain over a good portion of my body and not being able to get any relief whatsoever from it. I usually end up laying down crying because no Advil or Tylenol will help the pain.

We will see how it goes and hopefully this is an indicatin for the whole winter season.


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