Winterizing/fall update

So today is a beautiful fall day in Sticksylvania….in the 60s.  leaves are changing and falling.  cool breeze.  Sunny.  I thought after a full work week I would go ahead and get my final mow of the lawn in and hubby would trim grass and clean the chimney.  Well, why would that work out as planned.  Most things dont.  I mower part of our nearly three acres and saw Joe carrying the ladder back over to my parents house next door and stopped the riding lawn mower to ask him how cleaning the chimney went.  After talking a bit I went to restart the mower and…..nothing.  We waited, checked gas, lights, battery, etc…tried restarting and nothing.  UGH!!!!.  What the frig?!?!? It was just running fine? How can I turn it off and it be broken? I have rode John Deere riding lawn mowers since I was about 3.  I have been steering them since I was a child and driving them by myself since I was probably around 11.  They are nothing new to me.  We just spent $200 this spring to fix this mower’s deck.  I am frustrated since that money could go toward something like I don’t know, the replacement of 50 year old appliances that I use, heating oil, etc…..

So after my hubby and I pushed the mower to the garage for its probably resting place for the rest of the year, I went on to thinking about my winterizing list and wanted to update it so here we go…..

Here is my list before it gets too cold out:

1. Cover the pool and take in the accessories. (Dont like 4 weeks ago)

2. Get wood.  WE have plenty, but more is better.

3. Get kerosene for our oil tanks.  We have added another 10 gallons for a total of 25 gallons so far.

4. Pull up plants in garden and take down fence.

5. Mow grass one final time. (it is halfway done now.  Since the mower broke Joe started push mowing the rest.  @*$! various colorful words.

6. Trim bushes.  (Done last weekend).

7. Work on my compost bin.  (see #5)   I raked and hauled five wheel barrows full of grass clippings to our garden and filled the compost bin, stirring.

8. Take fans out of window and stand fans inside up to attic.  (Done ).

9. Have found we need to get new weather stripping for around the doors to save on heating costs. (CRAP, forgot about this one).

10. Clean up the small electric heaters before using (haven’t got out yet).

11. Get out winter clothes and put away summer clothes.  (Do I have to?)

12. Get a metal shed to put outside stuff in.  (still waiting to get this).

Well the winter list is getting shorter. I feel a lot better the chimney is cleaned from top to bottom.  I will feel a lot better when we get more kero.  Still work to be done, but it is coming along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The riding mower will probably wait until next spring or the middle of winter now.  we will see how finances go.


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