*GAGS* I hate winter. I used to love snow as a kid, but then I grew up and had to go to work and found driving in it sucks.  I would be all right now with having snow the time from Christmas Eve to New Years and then the rest of the time in winter having 60 degree weather.  But since I live in the lovely woods of Pennsylvania we have to do this lovely thing called winterizing.

Here is my list before it gets too cold out:

1. Cover the pool and take in the accessories.  (Dont like 2 weeks ago)

2. Get wood.  We have a lot more wood so far then we did last year. it would be enough to get through last year’s winter, but unfortunately I feel a bad winter coming, so I say we need more.

3. Get kerosene for our oil tanks.  We can’t afford to have a delivery so we go buy it in cans and dump it in the tanks.  We are no ways near where I want to be (100 gallons).  We have about 15 so far.

4. Pull up plants in garden and take down fence.

5. Mow grass one final time. It isn’t happening this weekend.  Its supposed to be cold and rain.  I also need to take the grass clippings and put over our garden space and into my compost bin.

6. Trim bushes.  (Done last weekend).

7. Work on my compost bin.  (see #5)

8. Take fans out of window and stand fans inside up to attic.  (Done last weekend also.  We don’t have air conditioning so we use fans).

9. Have found we need to get new weather stripping for around the doors to save on heating costs. (just found out yesterday).

10. Clean up the small electric heaters before using (haven’t got out yet).

11. Get out winter clothes and put away summer clothes.  (Do I have to?)

12. Get a metal shed to put outside stuff in.  This is probably not going to happen before winter as I had planned between kerosene and depending on what is now wrong with my older car.

This is my list so far.  There is always stuff to do when you live in your own place and have to maintain property.  Unfortunately all of our summer stuff we wanted to get done didn’t get completed, but we got most done.  Striving to save more money and get some things around the house replaced.


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