Where do I begin? I started last year a garden.  A smaller garden of just tomatos, peppers, and zucchini.  Our weather wasn’t great for a garden and was mainly rainy.  I got NO zucchini, few tomatos and our tomato plants soon got a blight from our weather being wet, cool and less than desireable.

Moving forward to this year, my husband wanted to expand our garden.  I thought he was nuts.  I couldn’t do it all alone and I told him so.  He helped me and we planted corn, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatos, pumpkin, lamkin melons, cantaloupe and cucumbers.  We had a successful crop of green onions in the spring.  We had mostly hot and dry weather in the summer.  Unfortunately the watering I did do didn’t help the corn and they tassled early and were stunned at about 3-4 feet tall.  Our peppers, jalepenos and tomatos did wonderful!!!. This year was a trial and error run that ended up saving us many meals between pasta salads and tomato sandwiches. We shared some with family and friends and had a bountiful blessed harvest.

We also picked about 13 pumpkins from two plants.  My husband wants to go bigger and badder next year and if he is serious then I want to can.  I want to get canning stuff at the auctions we go to and make sauces, salsa and canned tomatos.  I know that tomatos we did have saved us a lot of money in dinners and my parents also.  If we can, I know we can save into the winter with tomato and spaghetti sauces, salsa and other items.  I am excited and nervous about learning canning.  I will keep you updated on the adventures beginning next spring.!


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