remember as a child watching my mom use coupons.  I would even go as far as helping her organize her coupon file.  Even as sad as that sounded I felt like I was helping her.  When tragic evens happened when I was 20 years old and I was forced to move out on my own I learned that using coupons might become helpful in my quest for spending less.  I would take my mom’s coupon inserts and cut and sort and use just starting out keeping what I know I would use.

For the past 11 years I have been using coupons.  I have been featured in a local newspaper about using coupons.  I buy several newspapers on Sundays and share my leftover coupons with friends.  I save couppons I know my mom will use for her.  I send the leftovers to friends to be sorted through and I organize and file the rest in my coupon binder.  I carry this binder usually in my car so I have it at all times in case i stop somewhere or need to pick something up.  I usually only go grocery shopping once every 2 weeks and have managed to save at least $1-2000.00 a year on groceries with sale sand coupons.

WIth prices going up striving to save is becoming harder and harder.  The free things I get with coupons I donate or give to my family members that I know will use them to help them save money.  Some people think coupons are not worth taking the time and effort to do, but I have found out nothing makes me happier than like yesteday getting 28 items for $4.00.  Tell me that isn’t worth it?


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