I am thinking I should change the name of this blog to something like “my soapbox.” My next topic I want to introduce everyone to is……  Homesteading.  I wasn’t quite interested in such until recently.  My grandmother (really my great-aunt, but I called her grandma) canned when I was young.  I remember the joys of helping her and my mom with canning tomatos, getting greenbeans ready to can and being in the garden.  I thought after I had growed up this was a dwindling idea.  A idea for older people who lived through the first Depression. I was wrong.

For the last couple of years I have been interested in what our food we consume consists of, why there is some many ingredients I can’t hardly pronounce and where or what it comes from.  The more I read, the more I realize partly why there is an obesity epidemic in America, myself included.  I notice so many people with fat around just their middle if nothing else.  Could this be from the chemicals in our food or the hormones put into our meat? I mean think about it….hormones injected into animals to make them produce better, grow faster.  The animal gets slaughtered and we eat the meat.  We are in turn eating hormones, antibiotics and God knows what else.  I am not happy with this.  I am not happy with a government department called the FDA that regulates what they think is acceptable for me to eat no matter if it is mixed up leftover parts of animals known as “pink slime” that I seriously don’t want to give my dog or red dye that comes from crushed beetles and other lab created phenomenons.

I, along with scores of others as I have searched, are becoming more and more concerned with what our food consists of and where it comes from.  I am not saying I am giving up all boxed and processed foods, but I have cut down.  I try to buy only meat that is in the fresh case where the grocery store butcher is or that is 85% or more fat free in regards to beef. I have been getting chicken that is from Purdue that has no added hormones or antibiotics. I have been comparing labels.  I sometimes have been  spending a little more to get a real product instead of a mock one and this past year planting a super garden that has produced a LOT of produce that I know exactly where it came from.

Next summer I want my adventure to take me to canning from our garden.  I want to learn to become more self-sufficient, make more things from scratch where I know exactly what ingredients come from where and living a bit healthier.  My weakness of diet pop will not go away, but I have cut down to a glass or two in the evening after drinking water all day.

I won’t be fooled by “Natural” or “Organic” labels.  I will read them and find out where or what they came from.  I am hoping to get better nutrition by eating more natural foods, reading others blogs and getting ideas for becoming not only more self-sufficient, but putting my mind at ease as to where food comes from.  I am learning a lot from online groups, gardening magazines and Facebook friends about this topic.

I will be discussing more on being self-suffcient soon. Maybe even tomorrow after I try my hand at making my own homemade taco seasoning full of natural seasonings.  Have a great night all.


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